Understanding Underage Drinking

If your teen or adolescent is dealing with alcoholism, consider teen alcohol counseling and alcohol rehab near Fort Lauderdale. Alcohol is the substance most abused by adolescents in America. Teenagers are more like to try alcohol than cigarettes and other substances, and often drink excessively when alcohol is available.

The Appeal of Alcohol

When your child becomes a teenager, they are likely to begin taking risks, seeking independence, and rebelling against authority. They are also coping with changes in their body while trying to fit in socially with their peers. They might start drinking as a form of experimentation, but they may continue drinking if their home or family is unsettled or if they suffer from depression. Youths may also drink to adjust their image, to gain confidence, or to cope with social pressures, and can develop alcoholism as a result.

College Drinking

When your teenager goes to college, there are many situations where they may find themselves around alcohol and others who are drinking. Our culture is inundated with images and advertisements of young people consuming alcohol, and campus groups often hold parties where drinking is encouraged, which puts students in a situation where alcohol can seem appealing. Approximately four out of every five college students drink alcohol, and about half of those that do drink also binge drink. Students report that they will drink alcohol to lose their social inhibitions and enjoy themselves more. If a young person begins drinking alcohol, they are more likely to participate in unprotected sex and to try other substances. Adolescents or teens who begin drinking before age 15 are five times more likely to develop alcoholism later on than those who wait until age 21 to begin drinking.


Keeping alcohol out of reach and out of sight in your home can help prevent your teenager or adolescent from developing an underage drinking habit by limiting its availability. Educating youths about the representation of alcohol in our culture can help them prepare for situations where they may end up drinking alcohol or being around people who are.

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