The Parent’s Guide to Teen Drug Abuse

Do you believe your teenager could benefit from drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale? Whether your son or daughter may already be using drugs or you simply want to educate yourself, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the signs of substance abuse and addiction. A parent always knows a child best, and experts encourage parents to start conversations with their teens if they notice any signs of trouble. Keep reading to learn what you should watch for when it comes to teen drug abuse, including behavioral shifts, health changes, and psychological warnings.

Behavioral Shifts

Behavioral shifts are one of the first signs of teen drug abuse or addiction. Eventually, drug abuse catches up with anyone, and even occasionally using illegal substances can affect a teen’s grades, job, and relationships. Many teens will start skipping class or getting in trouble at school. Others may miss work or appear obviously unmotivated. Parents are usually made aware of these problems when teachers, bosses, or friends complain.

Health Changes

If your teen’s health has been declining and there is no medical explanation, he or she may need addiction recovery help. Physical signs of drug use include small pupils, bloodshot eyes, and frequent nosebleeds. Many teens also allow their physical appearances to deteriorate. They may stop taking regular showers, eating solid meals, or sleeping through the night. As a result, teens can lose or gain significant amounts of weight. He or she may also have unusual smells on the body, breath, or clothing.

Psychological Warnings

Personality changes and mood shifts are also signs of drug addiction or substance abuse. Your son or daughter may be noticeably irritable or become angry for little or no reason. Some teens can also appear hyperactive or agitated, while others seem unmotivated or unable to focus. If your teen seems withdrawn, anxious, or paranoid, he or she may be using drugs. Appearing lethargic or spaced out is another psychological sign of drug abuse.

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