What to Do If You Catch Your Teen Drinking

Drinking is incredibly common among teens, and for some, it will not become a chronic problem. For most teens, however, the realities of alcohol use can be a rude awakening, since binge drinking and heavy drinking are much more likely in young adults and teens. If you catch your teen drinking, you will want to take action right away to minimize the trouble your teen might get into with alcohol. As you think about the next steps once you catch your teen with alcohol, keep these guidelines for a healthy interaction in mind. Whether the right course of action is laying ground rules at home or seeking professional help for alcohol abuse in Fort Lauderdale, these steps will help you get on the right track with your teen.

Consider your own relationship with alcohol

Before confronting your teen about his or her drinking, you should think about the example you set as a parent. If you have problems with alcohol yourself, it might be beneficial to get sober before trying to influence your teen not to drink. You should also think about any circumstances in which you might think it is okay for your teen to use alcohol. Knowing your own habits and establishing clear rules in your household will be the best way to send a clear message to your child.

Calmly get the facts from your teen

Confronting a teen about alcohol will be a different process, depending on the details of the situation. If your teen has been sneaking alcohol for weeks, you might have a different talk than you would if it was your kid’s first time drinking. You’ll want to take a good look at the facts and allow your teen to explain his or herself before dulling out any punishment or seeking rehabilitation.

Discuss the risks and pitfalls of drinking

Many teens will drink without fully realizing the danger of the situation, so it is important that you share an honest dialog about the potential consequences of drinking, both short- and long-term.

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