Signs of Teen Alcohol Use

If you’re concerned that your child is participating in underage drinking near Fort Lauderdale, you should take the time to learn how to recognize the signs of alcoholism and addiction in teens. A teen alcohol counseling center can provide your child with intervention services, teen therapy, and family counseling that will help you navigate the complicated world of teen substance abuse. Here is a look at the most common signs of teen alcohol abuse.

Behavioral and Emotional Changes

One of the first signs that you will notice in your child if he or she has a problem with alcoholism or addiction is behavioral and emotional changes. Your child may begin acting defensive, secretive, and may start lying frequently and rebelling against rules. He might exhibit bad behavior in school, poor grades, and infrequent attendance. He may become disinterested in his usual habits and hobbies. He might also start hanging out with new friends and/or isolate himself from old friends.

Physical Changes

There are many physical changes that are associated with underage drinking and teen alcoholism. Your child will exhibit slurred speech and a lack of coordination when under the influence of alcohol. If your child is hungover, he may sleep for unusually long periods of time, complain of headaches and nausea, and have low energy and bloodshot eyes. He may also look visibly exhausted and noticeably ill or impaired.

Changes in Cognitive Ability

After a period of regular alcohol abuse, your child may begin exhibiting changes in his cognitive ability. He might have difficulty concentrating or following conversations, television shows or movies, or school assignments. He may also begin to develop memory lapses or exhibit impulsive behavior or poor judgment. In severe and prolonged cases of addiction and alcohol abuse, your child may suffer from permanent damage to certain regions of his brain. For this reason, it’s very important to seek early intervention from a teen substance abuse treatment center so that your child can learn how to stop drinking.

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