Highlighting the Benefits of Intervention Services

Services for intervention in Fort Lauderdale can help your loved one recover from alcoholism and addiction. Intervention can be a powerful experience for all who are involved, improving understanding between parents and children and opening a path to recovery.

When a family member is suffering with abuse or addiction, intervention services are designed to reduce risk factors for continued use and to motivate the individual to modify their dangerous behaviors. Adolescent intervention services monitor the patient’s condition and progress, and provide ongoing assessment of the adolescent’s need for referrals and other services.

At The Bougainvilla House, our treatment model includes helping the affected adolescent or family member realize that they have a substance abuse problem or addiction, and to enlighten them to healthier behaviors and lifestyles. We prepare the youth or family member with the necessary skills to lead a life free of drug and alcohol misuse, and connect them to the recovery services that they need to be well again.

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