6 Ways for Teachers and Staff to Manage Back-to-School Anxiety

By Veronica Cartagena | May 29, 2021

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Coping with Transition Anxiety: From High School to College to “The Real World”

By Veronica Cartagena | May 6, 2021

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teen organizing

Declutter your room, declutter your mind: Inspiration and tips for a more organized space

By Veronica Cartagena | March 30, 2021

At first, remote learning seemed like the dream scenario for students, but it turns out that more time at home eventually equals more mess.   Your room, which may previously have just been … Read more

Career Anxiety Blog

How to Handle Career Anxiety

By Veronica Cartagena | February 22, 2021

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Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

By Veronica Cartagena | February 15, 2021

The New Year’s resolution: love it or hate it, it’s a time-honored way to start fresh with new goals for a new year. However, we all know how difficult it can be to stick to those resolutions by … Read more


Why your child could be suffering holiday stress

By Veronica Cartagena | December 18, 2020

The holidays can be an especially anxious time for anyone. If you’re noticing more tension than usual, your child may be experiencing similar feelings. Your child might seem a bit withdrawn or irritable, may sleep more than usual, or is exhibiting other signs … Read more


Coronavirus and Vaping – What Parents Need to Know

By Veronica Cartagena | November 30, 2020

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You Need Exercise – and So Does Your Child

By Veronica Cartagena | November 5, 2020

We know staying active is part of a healthy life. Regular activity can help you sleep better, maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress. So why is it … Read more


Why Your Child Refuses to Do Homework (And How You Can Respond)

By Veronica Cartagena | October 14, 2020

Homework battles can turn into an exhausting nightly struggle that stresses both you and your child.  Addressing this family issue can be challenging, but good communication and early action can make a big impact.    Get … Read more

Girl in online school who may be struggling with mental health challenges from virtual classes

Online School: Making It Work for Your Child and Your Family

By Veronica Cartagena | September 30, 2020

What we want back-to-school 2020 to look like: excited children, seeing friends and meeting teachers. What back-to-school 2020 actually looks like for many Florida students: … Read more