Looking for the Signs of Heroin Use in Your Teen

Heroin use is becoming increasingly common nationally across all age groups, fueled in large part by prescription drug abuse. Many people, including teens, who abuse prescription pain medications turn to heroin because it is more affordable and easier to get. Because of the seriousness of heroin addiction, it is important to be aware of the signs of abuse so that your teen can get help. Consider contacting a substance abuse center in Fort Lauderdale if you recognizing these symptoms of heroin use in your teen.

Physical Symptoms

Heroin abuse causes many different physical symptoms, some which occur at the time the user takes heroin and others that are chronic symptoms that develop over time. If your teen is under the influence of heroin, he or she may appear flushed and complain about a dry mouth. It may be difficult for him or her to carry on a conversation, and he or she may nod in and out of sleep. It’s common for people to scratch a lot while under the influence and to become nauseous. Breathing may also be slowed. Over time, if your teen has a heroin addiction, he or she may experience collapsed veins, track marks from frequent injections, and abscesses. Blood infections, including HIV and hepatitis C, and other infections that harm the heart, are also possible.

Behavioral Symptoms

As with alcoholism and other types of drug abuse, teens that use heroin typically begin to get in trouble at school and let their grades slide. Your teen may withdraw from family events or become distant from his or her usual group of friends in favor of a new group. Drastic changes in appearance, depression, anxiety, and increased anger are also possible. Some teens also begin to engage in illegal behaviors, including theft, and begin to steal from people close to them. These behaviors typically become more severe as the abuse progresses, as teens become increasingly overwhelmed by addiction.

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