The Real Story on Alcohol and Drugs

Addiction is a deeply personal struggle. Individuals become dependent on drugs or alcohol for vastly different reasons. Sadly, teenagers who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism near Fort Lauderdale and do not enter rehab are significantly more likely to deal with serious problems with their educations, careers, and relationships as adults. If your teen is struggling with alcohol or drug use, make sure you know how to deal with the problem to ensure a positive future. Keep reading to learn some key facts about alcohol and drugs.

Most Teens Do Not Use Drugs

While some parents mistakenly believe that drug use is a simply a rite of passage that all teens will experience and outgrow, the truth is more complicated. While nearly 45 percent of all 12 th graders have used marijuana, only 6 percent use it on a daily basis. By comparison, only 4 percent of all 12 th graders have used cocaine, and less than 1 percent have tried heroin. If your teen is one of the relative few who is using drugs, he or she is likely to be struggling with drug abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Usually Has Psychological Roots

When teens use drugs or alcohol, they are usually trying to cope with uncomfortable internal feelings. Teens may feel isolated and rely on substances to deal with feelings of depression or anxiety. They may also feel insecure or suffer with low self-esteem. In that case, teens use drugs or alcohol to try to fit in. Unfortunately, addiction can quickly set in.

Rehab Can Help End Dependency Before It Becomes Addiction

Teen substance abuse does not disappear on its own. Only support from family and friends and a comprehensive rehab program that targets mental health issues can truly help end drug or alcohol dependency before it turns into dangerous addiction. If your teen’s drug or alcohol use has started to affect his or her grades, social life, and relationship with you, it is time to consider rehab.

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