Recovering from an Addiction

Parents looking for family counseling in Fort Lauderdale for their teen’s substance abuse treatment may be wondering what the process is for helping adolescents recover from an addiction. Our treatment model begins by helping the client understand that he has an addiction and that there are other ways to live and socialize. We prepare the teen with the skills that he needs to recover and connect him with community recovery support programs. We also provide aftercare services to help teens and adolescents avoid relapse and to encourage healthy behavior.

The Bougainvilla House is an outpatient counseling center designed to guide teens and adolescents away from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our center provides a safe place for your teen and our professional staff is committed to helping all of our clients make a successful recovery. At The Bougainvilla House, our policy is to continue treatment for adolescents and teens that struggle with recovery by adjusting and assessing their recovery plan to ensure their success.

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