Why Do Teens Use Alcohol and Drugs?

Teens are especially susceptible to alcoholism and drug addiction near Fort Lauderdale. Sadly, young adults who begin using alcohol and drugs early on are more likely to struggle with substance abuse for the rest of their lives. With early intervention and rehab, it is possible to make a full recovery and get on the path to a healthy, successful life. Teenagers use alcohol for many reasons, including social influences, self-medication, and natural insecurity. Keep reading to learn more.

Social Influences

Alcoholism and drug addiction are so prevalent in teens largely because they are more likely to be surrounded by a peer group that pressures them into substance abuse. Juveniles can begin using drugs as early as grade school. If they are frequently left unsupervised by parents or teachers, substance abuse can quickly turn into alcoholism or addiction. Teenagers frequently encounter drugs and alcohol at parties and social events. Often, their pressure to fit in leads them to make decisions that they would never otherwise make on their own.


Teenagers can also turn to drug or alcohol abuse as a way to self-medicate feelings that they do not completely understand. Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia tend to surface during the young adult years. Teens may find themselves battling insomnia, unexplainable sadness, or feelings of isolation. Drugs and alcohol offer many a way to temporarily escape these unpleasant feelings. Even mentally healthy teenagers feel naturally insecure and uncomfortable with their looks, athletic ability, or school performance. Drugs and alcohol offer a way to cope.

Simple Boredom

Many young adults crave excitement and constant stimulation, which makes drugs and alcohol so appealing. If your son or daughter has few extracurricular activities or does not appear to be engaged in schoolwork or sports, he or she may seek older friends outside of school. Teenagers are naturally rebellious, so enforcing too strict of a schedule upon teenagers can inspire them to act out.

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