The Teen’s Guide to Recognizing Drug Problems

Teen drug abuse and addiction in Fort Lauderdale can have serious, lasting consequences. If you suspect that a friend or family member has a problem with drug addiction, you should seek help from an adult who can help him a teen drug counseling and substance abuse treatment program. Here is a helpful guide to recognizing the signs that your friend might have a problem with drug abuse or drug addiction.

Personality Changes

If your friend exhibits personality changes, that doesn’t automatically mean that he has a problem with drug or alcohol abuse. However, sudden and significant changes in mood or personality are a sign that your friend needs to talk to an adult or a professional counselor. If you notice that your friend has suddenly become withdrawn, depressed, anxious, angry, frequently tired or sick, or disinterested in activities that he previously enjoyed, he is exhibiting serious personality changes. If these occur in combination with other warning signs, you should talk to an adult about the fact that your friend might have a drug addiction.

Problems in School

Drug and alcohol abuse can make it incredibly difficult to keep up in school. If your friend has a drug addiction, he may frequently miss class, or stop coming to school entirely. His grades will begin to slip, and he will get poor scores on assignments, projects, papers, and tests, if he participates in them at all. He may also have tension or problems with school administrators, and be frequently called to the principal’s office or put in detention. If you notice that your friend is developing problems in school that he didn’t have before, you should talk to a trusted adult about the possibility of drug or alcohol abuse.

Difficulties with Friends and Family Members

Another common sign of a drug addiction or drug abuse is frequent difficulties with friends and family. If your friend is suddenly experiencing regular conflict with friends and family members that he used to get along with, he may have a drug or alcohol problem.

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