Meet CEO Cici Kelly

Every member of the Bougainvilla House is dedicated to providing teens and their families with the professional care and resources needed to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Teens are a particularly high-risk group for alcohol abuse and addiction, so it is important that they have dedicated facilities to get the rehabilitation necessary for a long and healthy life.

In addition to a skilled clinical staff, the Bougainvilla House relies on its management team, which is led by CEO, Cici Kelly. Ms. Kelly has a diverse business background, having worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies before joining the team in Fort Lauderdale. Before taking on the role of CEO, Ms. Kelly served on the Board of Bougainvilla House, a position that offered her unique perspective on the business side of teen drug and alcohol counseling services. The management team also includes a Clinical Director and Director of Finance and Administration to ensure that the business is up and running to provide teens with the help they need.

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